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What is On-Page optimization

1.) On-page optimization is additionally called On-website optimization.
2.) In On-page optimization, you optimize your web site per search engine club line.
3.) On-page optimization has sway on your web site listing in natural results
4.) Per the latest rule of Google Panda four.2, On-Page optimization plays a four-hundredth role in White Hat SEO.

Part of On-Page optimization

1.) Tag optimization

1. a) Title (60 Characters)
1. b) Meta Keywords (140 Characters)
1. c) Meta Description (140 Characters)
1. d) Heading
1. e) Bold f.) angular position & title in Image Tag g.) URL

2.) Canonicalization Installation
3.) Doctype and W3C Validation
4.) Fav Icon
5.) Text / Code magnitude relation
6.) net Speed optimization (3 Sec.)
a.) CSS & JavaScript File optimisation
b.) optimization of non-index ready attribute
7.) Linking
a.) Internal b.) External c.) Broken (Custom 404 Error Page )
8.) Conversion type
9.) Sitemap.xml / Robots.txt
10.) Usability / Accessibility
Here we have a tendency to area unit reaching to justify regarding complete On-Page optimization as a result of On-Page optimization works as the backbone in program optimization (SEO).

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