Trump condemned for trivializing homeless crisis in attack on Pelosi

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Donald Trump has been condemned for “vile and reprehensible” tweets that trivialize America’s homelessness crisis in an effort to rebuke the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, the architect of his impeachment.

On Thursday the president, holed up at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida over Christmas, went on the offensive against Pelosi, whose home district includes San Francisco.

Trump v California: president tries to show ‘resistance’ into 2020 advantage

“Nancy Pelosi’s district in California has rapidly become one among the worst anywhere within the U.S. when it comes [sic] to the homeless & crime,” Trump tweeted. “It has gotten so bad, so fast – she has lost total control.”

In another post, he wrote: “Crazy Nancy should pack up her filthy dirty District & help the homeless there.”
“Homelessness in California is indeed a crisis because it is in many other areas of the country – one that demands urgent action at the federal, state and native levels. Federal action to unravel the crisis is long overdue, but President Trump has tried, time and time again, to worsen homelessness in our country.”

Trump has proposed drastically shrinking or eliminating federal programs that keep the lowest-income people affordably housed, tripling rents for the lowest-income subsidized residents, and rising rents for all subsidized residents, Yentel added.

“He has proposed evicting 100,000 people, including 55,000 American children, from subsidized housing – in California, over 37,000 of the lowest-income people are in danger of eviction from this Trump proposal alone. He’s proposed allowing homeless shelters to discriminate and refuse shelter to transgender and other LGBTQ people, subjecting them to high risk of violence.”

With its Democratic leanings and so-called “Hollywood elites”, California has become a punching bag for Trump. On an otherwise quiet Christmas, he railed against the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, whom he claimed had “done a very bad job on taking care of the homeless population in California. If he can’t fix the matter, the Federal Govt. will get involved!”

In his barrage of tweets against Pelosi on Thursday, Trump added: “… she has lost total control and, alongside her equally incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom, it’s a really sad sight!”

Newsom, a former mayor of San Francisco who frequently jabs back at the present president, tweeted in response: “I imagine Trump’s Christmas to be like that scene when the Grinch yells ‘I’m an idiot!’” and his echo yells back ‘you’re an idiot!!’”

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