They Thought I Was the REAL JOJO SIWA !!!

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About Trinity and Beyond: Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my YouTube Channel! My channel stars me, Trinity, and my little sister Madison, and sometimes the rest of my YouTube Family with my mom and dad! This is a family-friendly channel! We do lots of challenges that are tons of fun, 3 AM Skits, Calling Videos, Mailing Myself Videos, and more!

What’s up, folks? It’s Trinity! You folks may know me as Trinity, yet today, nuh-uh. . . I am JoJo Siwa!it’s Jojo Siwa! great morning all you see you Siwaninatorstoday we’re doing the dirt for our judge let us know before we do that I got serious question for you all would you like to one day like this or you guys are diverse like this look at it folks first of all we cut your way through the day come how about we go folks I wonder what I will wear today lets see what’s in my closet perfect how about we go change we should go, guys, another juice a container I need another ice on the off chance that you can’t see yesterday’s video I may have it up here for you cause you to go pleased my video in light of the fact that I’m giving ceaselessly.

I picked it obstructs all frantic at you right in the event that you all missed yesterday’s video here is the thing that comes in the Jojo box some very fun stuff we have sucks sure to bow and recall guys go please yesterday’s video and the present video boxes so sure my activity gracious yet Jojoshirt harmed your socks folks didn’t I give you how much withdraws from right folks I’m rebound like boo I haven’t let you know folks yet have Iguys how like squeezing boomerang for you yet look at this so this we got a message from YouTube our YouTube video I mail myself to Jojo see what and using boomerang copyright by all these various individuals CMR and a PR a Sony cashMCA all these distinctive distributing organizations 24 folks case to our video and so that video is never again our video it is theirs however when we go and watch the recordings and stuff on there.

I was perusing some of the comments on the thing you all said about Trinity singing a ton of you all said that’s incredible singing Trinity yet then we have every one of these ones ten minutes ago that’s not how boomerang goes Frank Kayla well that is not how the boomerang song goes then it ought to be copywriting it in case we’re singing it wrong yet we have hundreds of these not to me yet that is not how you sing boomerang she sings a song wrong that didn’t seem like Joe Vick she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the verses to the ring you are a terrible artist that is not how you sing boomerang and she didn’t the verses right and I read her melody she’s so charming on the grounds that she doesn’t know the tune that is not equivalent to she said you sang an inappropriate names he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what the boomerang tune she can’t in any event, sing appropriately and you don’t have a clue about the words.

I can’t comprehend what you were singingthat’s not how you do it you don’t know boomerang you sang thesong so off-base that is the manner by which how you sing it the boomerang tune isn’t right you do notknow how to sing at all and afterward somebody feels that they don’t have the foggiest idea how to spellit out that is the means by which you see the ring yet no doubt yes so we don’t know what’sgoing on here obviously Trinity can’t sing the tune yet she sings it goodenough that these different organizations are going to take our video as that is nolonger our video so on the off chance that you all have not seen that video yet there resembles almost10 million sees yet I’ll put a connection up to it directly here and if that connection isgone that implies that we brought that video down on the grounds that we’re going to proceed andread re-discharge that video tomorrow without the tune in it so way wecan keep our very own video that we invested energy taking a shot at Milly Trinity in thisbox so if the primary connection wasn’t there I’ll put a connection up here now for the newvideo peculiarity Jojo like the yes she’s truly decent definitely she even gave the video.

I like she enjoyed it so it was in hervideos as a loved video no doubt she even offered us a go-ahead on that video guysJojo accomplished for her organizations dislike they elected Randi singing Jojosong what you all that was the point at which she was four years of age she’s direction better thansinging that tune currently it’s as yet her main tune kids just releasedanother tune a couple of days yet that is as yet our main tune holds up can’t sing toomuch okay folks well I think in vogue needs to return to her life is Jojovideo okay you see when a ders it is today we’re in that vehicle with drunkbut an extraordinary Chuck it’s splash chalk we should give the stuff a shot in the video Ialready be in the video animal dwellingplace you’ll be ever connected alright I can do that I loveguys you know I’m going to um shading with my shower paint Oh Jojo bow or you folks justtrying to step out for some shake it upguys this ain’t working so I are going to go get some burger truck I’ll see you in a minutewhatalright folks got some normal chalk okay well how would you like my bow I’mnot secure with it goodness how about we make a greater one I’ll let you know folks that are not acollege is about folks on the off chance that you got these things to work and got them before Torytime to quiet it since I lack these to work.

I got this little spot here got this little heart slop thing my mother accomplished and these part things that Maddison did no doubt that is it the children the cam drunk so on the off chance that you all attempt these I don’t prescribe them they don’t work folks go get your self some ordinary chalk and I’ll see you very soon we should prepare for bedwell folks that are supportive of the present video Ranbir despite everything I’m giving ceaselessly a joker box on yesterday’s jin yu however all I solicited thousands from comic and I’m giving endlessly a total box on the present video so let you all descend beneath remark down below what recordings you need to see would you like to see all the more entire neighbor recordings meet hello neighbor or me murmur use granny coming down comments well folks for me I’m hitting the sack see you tomorrow you Siwanators

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