South Africa drought town’s warning to the world

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South Africa has imposed emergency measures and is declaring several regions disaster areas, in response to the worst drought in living memory.

Some areas have gone without substantial rainfall for up to five years.
The BBC’s Africa correspondent Andrew Harding visited one small town which lies at the heart of the crisis.

Droughts come and go. Nothing here out of the unusual. The United States this year 2019 recorded 1670 record high temperatures broken. It also recorded 7800 new record low temperatures. The trend here is it cooling, based on data and facts, not on opinions.

South Africa drought town's warning to the world
South Africa drought town’s warning to the world

they have hard water problems since the city suppliers failed to maintain dam supplies and infrastructure. this region relied on them. so its not a drought, its a failure of the state.

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They cannot bury water lines or fence them cuz elephants smell the water and dig the water lines up… So why are we as humans not shipping in water or taking the cattle to the water ??? I’m pissed off about this? We have water as a planet… So why the logistic problem?

Just how much of our water consumption here in England truly represents the amount we pay for it.? In other words, would reducing our consumption by say 20% reduce our bills by the same amount.?Unless it is worth our while reducing consumption we will not bother. We have more than enough water falling from the heavens daily but most of it is lost.

What a shame, sounds like another example of a catastrophe caused by human overconsumption of resources and pollution of the environment. Not the fault of the individual mind you, but of the collective. We need to change and take better stewardship of our environment so that we don’t exasperate these catastrophes further.

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