[President Trump]Who Signs Hong Kong Bill Backing Protesters[Defying China]

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NYT’s Adam anarchist, Wash Post’s Ashley Parker, former U.S. lawyer James Joyce Vance, Axios’ Alexi McCammond, former DNC senior consultant Doug Thornell, and LA Times’ Eli Stokols react to news reportage that undercuts Trump’s ancient talking points on the Mueller investigation and also the official document inquiry. airy on 11/27/19.

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China Innovation: Eric Schmidt, David Rubenstein,

Former Google chief military officer Eric Schmidt, currently a technical consultant to company Alphabet, Tencent Holdings President Martin Lau, and Didi Chuxing President Jean Liu speak with Carlyle cluster Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman David Rubenstein regarding the longer term of Chinese technical and money innovation. They speak at Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Peiping.

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