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Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus – Montage Mode

Everyone who has created a video montage knows that the majority of the time is spent checking out the proper moments in dozens of videos. One solution to the present problem is that the Easy Mode in Video Editor 14 Plus and also within the basic version of the program.  Users can create a video using Easy Mode in only a couple of clicks: download the source files to the program, choose the music, specify the duration of the video – “Whoosh” and therefore the video is made!  How does it work? A special algorithm looks through all the source files, selects the foremost interesting moments, and glues them together during a dynamic video that plays in time with the chosen music. The program can independently adjust individual clips to the music.

Easy Mode is particularly convenient for users who want to make a video quickly. Instagram or and YouTube users can now publish videos in only minutes. Fast video editing for YouTube users became particularly relevant after September, 20th, when YouTube finally removed the built-in video editor from their website.
It’s also a handy aid for those times when a user wants to quickly share the experience of participating during a conference or the emotions of being on vacations with friends. And it’s an excellent solution for users who don’t have time to master even the only video editor, but who still want to be ready to create a video montage.

Animation adds an ingenious Touch to Video Editing

The Movavi team interviewed many users to work out what they wanted to ascertain within the next version of Video Editor. the highest request was for animation, so this capability has been added to Video Editor 14 Plus.

It takes but a moment to line a specific object in motion or to animate its appearance / disappearance. the thing could be a title, a sticker, even a basic or overlay (superimposed) video. Using the animation tool is intuitive. Even a primary time video editor are going to be ready to add an animated object to their movie.

Extended Media Collections

For users trying to find an expanded selection of music and effects, the new Video Editor 14 Plus includes 16 new video clips, 86 thematic stickers, and 22 new music themes.​The video clips’ library now includes a set of short videos commonly utilized in video editing, like screensavers with a countdown or running clocks. With Video Editor 14 Plus, users can even make a video news release: place the video on the screen of a virtual news studio and use the chromakey effect to feature themselves because the presenter within the studio.

The sticker library includes new graphic elements for video, like phrases from comics like Bang or OMG and emoticons from social media.​The music library offers an expanded selection of themes, from rock’n’roll to world music. All are copyright-free, in order that they are often used for any purpose without restrictions.

H.265 Сodec Support

The remake of Video Editor 14 Plus provides support for the newest video compression standard H.265 (HEVC – High Efficiency Video Coding). This standard delivers maximum visual quality for the video and at an equivalent time compresses the file by 40% quite the previous H.264 standard. this mix enables users to download and transfer files faster and save on space for storing .

Video Editor 14 Plus retains all the features of the previous version: quite 160 filters for video processing, artistic titles, quite 100 styles for smooth transitions between segments, computer graphics like movie , chroma key, reverse video, and more. Also included are voice recording, video stabilization and bit recognition.

Basic Video Editor 14

Movavi has also released a basic version of Video Editor 14, which, just like the Plus version, includes the montage wizard. It doesn’t include the more advanced features in Plus, like the animation tool and therefore the extended media collections. Support for H.265 is restricted to read only.

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