Losing Impeachment Fight, Call Democrats /Dumb/Republicans/

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Seth takes a closer look at Republicans standing by President Trump even after a major election loss and a bombshell testimony.

“He didn’t know he was breaking the law” … rich people have been saying to the poor “ignorance of the law isn’t a valid excuse” for over a century.

Sondland changed his testimony cause everyone else said there was quid pro quo and Sondland was directing it and decided prison wasn’t worth defending Trump.

Poor Lindsay Graham, The sedatives he’s taking while trying to deal with the impeachment process are messing with his speech patterns. Cut down on your dosage, Buddy!!!

The rallies are becoming more and more like displays of fealty to the emperor. Rand, now Kennedy…Graham is the Emperor’s Champion, Don Jr. is the Heir Apparent…
Strange times. Shakespeare, Shaw, and, okay, Mozart ( ’cause you have to admit, this would make one HELL of an opera!)are probably looking down from their corner of the Afterlife and sighing with envy.

King Trump misses the good ole days when he could stone non-believers to death, burn non-believers at the stake and nail non-believers to a cross…

The Argument that gram is making seems familiar, u know the kind that would shoot up a school or Walmart. You know the “Mental Health guy”. Lol

I like how he uses the word “fostered” (how to spell a made-up word) with so much enthusiasm thinking to himself how smart he is because he came up with a big word that oh, by the way, doesn’t exist

Louisiana resident- I’ve never seen or heard our senator before, so seeing this “highlight” from the rally was rather mortifying. And the crowd reaction coupled with Trump’s smug face doesn’t help, either. Politics have felt like SNL skits recently, which as a non-partisan bystander, has been fun to watch… but seriously:\

Dammit, I had to look up foisted to remember what the actual word was. It’s so true that if you repeat something wrong often enough it becomes fact.

25 thoughts on “Losing Impeachment Fight, Call Democrats /Dumb/Republicans/

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