I love how Jojo Siwa is acting and Style show

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Come along for the ride of your life with this go-kart race in celebration of JoJo’s birthday!! And catch more of JoJo and all your favorite Nick stars, only on Nick!

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I thought it would be fun if I took a REAL dance class and filmed it for you all to see!! If you wanna see me take another dance class give this video a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!! Thank you, Richy, for the Incredible class!

I’m BACKKKKK! I took another dance class this week! This time I took Guy Grooves Class at the PLAYGROUND in LA!! GIVE THIS VIDEO A THUMBS UP IF YOU WANT ME TO DO MORE DANCE VIDEOS!!

I love how Jojo is acting more like a big sister to Bailey than anything. It is so sweet to see how excited Jojo was during the makeover, it was like a big sister and little sister hanging out. Jojo is amazing with the whole Ballinger family.

Okay Georgia this is a really really last I hope you like it okay k o o I love you we are together you see we have a girl when you go out and find you wherever you go this is what I see I see a lot of stuff is very amazing I hope you like the song JoJo could I sing this song to you okay for me to watch for me pick up I okay bye-bye Jojo I see you next time read a message to you I mean so love you bye.

Meh. I don’t get what has people so in an uproar about @itsjojosiwa. Decades ago that is how a lot of 15year olds behaved. I think there are worse people out there that kids model after. Oh no with Jojo they will learn to be a kid is okay, how to be a loyal friend and how to be business savvy with a work ethic. Why be mad about that?

Jojo Siwa Gives Bailey and Epic Makeover! Bailey had so much fun frolicking in JoJo’s Merch room and picking out her dream outfit. Jojo did an amazing job and Bailey looks so much like her in the end! Subtítulos en español. Watch the video JoJo & Bailey made on JoJo’s channel!

Allison Barton
11 months ago
I love how Bailey always looks, but she looks so cute and amazing with all of her cool Jojo merch! I also LOVE how Jojo is so sweet to everyone. Why does she get so much hate? She is teaching kids, like Bailey to always be themselves. I loved the spark of joy you could see in Bailey’s eyes while Jojo was talking to her. That just makes me smile to know that there are some really sweet people helping others feel good about themselves!

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