Hunan province cluster to take a position $1.3 billion in Kingdom

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A group of businessmen from China’s Hunan province can nowadays sign agreements to take a position $1.3 billion within the Kingdom. The commitment was created throughout a gathering between Foreign Affairs Minister Prak Sokhonn and Du Jiahao, a member of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the CPC Hunan province Provincial Committee at the ministry yesterday.

Koy Kuong, a ministry interpreter, yesterday aforesaid that in their meeting, mister Du enlightened mister Sokhonn that his delegation enclosed representatives of huge corporations in Hunan province and that they wished to take a position in sectors as well as business, agriculture, and touristry sectors.
“Tomorrow, investors from China’s Hunan province can sign agreements to take a position $1.3 billion,” mister Kuong aforesaid.

He noted that mister Du had enlightened mister Sokhonn that Hunan province had a population of seventy-three million and had regarding $55.5 billion in total capital.

“Investors United Nations agency came to Kampuchea with mister Du saw that the political state of affairs is stable and therefore the development method is nice, in order that they need to expand their investments within the Kingdom,” mister Kuong aforesaid.

He noted that within the meeting, mister Du additionally invited the minister and alternative establishment to go to Hunan province at a convenient time and therefore the invite was accepted.

“Prak Sokhonn thanked Du Jiaghao for visiting Kampuchea and conveyance several businessmen from his province to take a position within the Kingdom,” mister Kuong aforesaid.
He noted that bilateral trade between Kampuchea and China last year totaled $6.6 billion last year, up from $5.577 billion in 2017.

Before his meeting with mister Sokhonn, mister Du and his delegation paid a courtesy to invoke Prime Minister Hun subunit at the Peace Palace.

The Prime Minister announces on his Facebook page yesterday that mister Du enlightened him that the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk was well-known|a widely known} figure in China and mister Hun subunit is additionally known to be an honest friend to the country.

The post aforesaid that mister Du noted that the relationship between China and Kampuchea could be a long-standing one and is obtaining stronger.

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