Ghana makes 126 individuals from the diaspora voters as a part of Year of come celebrations

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Ghana created 126 foreign nationals UN agency have lived within the country for several years it’s voters as a part of the country’s Year of come celebrations.

Dressed in colorful ancient outfits and holding the country’s allegory on Wednesday, the cluster raised their hands as they took their oath of allegiance and have become the country’s voters. President Nana Akufo-Addo aforesaid those bestowed with the citizenship be part of a generation of diasporans, together with civil rights activist William Edward Burghardt “W.E.B.” civil rights activist and Yankee writer Maya Angelou UN agency lived within the country.

“I am glad you have got determined to form Republic of Ghana your home and thereby be part of many generations of Diasporans, UN agency committed their lives to North American nation,” the president aforesaid in an exceeding statement. The event is an element of a series of activities lined up this year for Ghana’s Year of come marking four hundred years since the primary enthralled Africans arrived in North America.
Ghana is being publicized because of the next massive traveler destination. Here’s why

Launched in 2018, the campaign encourages individuals of African descent, whose ancestors were victims of the brutal traffic, to come to the Republic of Ghana. the govt has been selling its slave sites sharply to African diasporans tracing their roots.

Akufo-Addo aforesaid that Associate in Nursing calculable seventy-fifth of the slave dungeons on the geographical region of the continent was in the Republic of Ghana and also the country acknowledges its role. individuals were enthralled in these dungeons and so shipped from Ghanian ports as a part of the transatlantic trade.

“That is why we have a tendency to had a responsibility to increase a hand of ‘welcome back home’ to Africans within the diaspora. several have seen this decision,” President Akufo-Addo aforesaid, adding that the initiative has been learning expertise for all.

The West African nation has legislation like the correct of Abode law of 2000 that permits individuals of African descent to use for the correct to remain within the country indefinitely whereas the Joseph Project, birthed in 2007, conjointly desires Africans within the diaspora to come. 34 African-Carribeans were granted citizenship in the Republic of Ghana in 2016.

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