Download Notepad+++For Windows, 7,8,10

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Fix “Monitoring” not detecting all file changes issue.
Fix auto-updater disabling not working regression.
Fix Notepad++ doesn’t exit correctly while Windows 10 update restart.
Make Count command in Find dialog respect Backward-direction and Wrap-around options.
Make Find dialog remember its position across runs.
Add the document size column to the Windows Selection dialog.
Make “View Current File in(browser)” commands macro recordable.
Add external sound control capability for unsuccessful search (in Find dialog) bell.

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Downloads Links Below:

How To transfer and Install Notepad++ For Windows ten?

Step 1: Visit the web site

Step 2: Click on the transfer button on the left.

Step 3: Transfer the Installer File of Notepad+ +.

Step 4: Double click so as to open the setup file.

Step 5: Install it victimization counseled Settings of the Settings you prefer.

Step 6:: you’ll be able to Program in many alternative Languages like HTML,C++ ,php etc victimisation Notepad++ Editor .

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