Donald Trump Making The Kind Of History He Did Not Want To Make

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The full House is set to vote on the two articles of impeachment next week as they pass the House Judiciary Committee along party lines.

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Donald Trump Making The Kind Of History He Did Not Want To Make | Deadline | MSNBC

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Trump acts like a child, all the time, it’s no wonder he’s throwing a temper tantrum over people ACTUALLY wanting him gone. His wanting the Bidens to testify, but they have nothing to do with impeachment!

Besides his psychological problems, Trump is extravagant showy and tasteless with little education, a minimum vocabulary and a room temperature IQ.

He is an illegitimate president. He didn’t get the popular vote and won only with the help of Russia. Trump knows it, is obsessed with it and that’s why he went crazy to try and change this truth. He lost it all the way.

God bless the day I never have to hear trump treasonous criminal mouth again holy Jesus Christ Mary and Joseph lord oh lord..oh lord. I cannot wait! when you are hearing impaired your ears have to work really hard to hear my ears do not want to work hard to hear him!

Every single American should be outraged with the way the GOP is trying to pull this off. Do they think that Americans are dumb enough to be “confused” by their strategy? The FACTS/truth doesn’t change.

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