Best Tips for Innovation Through Jack Ma

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Opening of the Israeli innovation center &The prime Minister’s Israeli innovation summit

The best tips for innovation by Jack Ma

Jack Ma Speach and Some; Quotation about Him or related to Him
Mr.Jack Ma is the personality I admire the most of his words are so powerful. he is really a good human being, a great teacher, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and economist and indeed a game-changer

Probably the best speaker in the world with tangible practical experience to back his words thank you. You really are a wonder

Jack Ma Keynote Speech at Gateway Canada

Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma speaks to a capacity crowd in Toronto about the opportunity China presents as an export market for Canadian small and medium-sized companies.

Here is my message is quite long. Firstly I thank all technological innovators. Who gives me the opportunity to listen to the great person’s great speech. Especially I thanks to youtube. The organizer of the meeting and the uploader of these videos. Thank you so much for all of you to reach with us the Oxigetion busting speech by Jack Maa.

Jack Ma: I’ve Had Lots Of Failures And Rejections

A conversation with Jack Ma, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, on leadership, entrepreneurship and the future of commerce

As the session is only 45 minutes long, please be seated early; the doors will be closed at the scheduled time and no latecomers admitted.

• Jack Ma, Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group, People’s Republic of China; World Economic Forum Foundation Board Member

Jack Ma is one of my favorite businessmen and billionaires. What a smart and great man. I believe this is a true success when you not only have wealth but a peace of mind and a strong desire to help other people.
one more great speech has been given by Jack Ma, you have always been a role model for the majority of us, we constantly give us motivational as well as inspirational endeavor to achieve our every single goal. Keep up, best of luck

I could say he is most the most successful man in China who promotes economic for this country, what he did in the past ten years witnessed totally is revolution bring convenient to people by online shopping, Alipay is being safer than the bank. We do believe the US has to study from China after a decade!

this guy keeps promoting his company only, Alibaba, what else. When he speaks he promotes, easy marketing. Coz all the small businesses need his platform to trade. The more he talks the more billions enter his pocket. Simple.

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