Alibaba’s Jack Ma’s exercises for African business people

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He is perhaps the greatest name in world business and he came to Africa to give a masterclass on turning into a business person.

Jack Ma business person expert worth more than $42 billion dollars and recorded by Forbes as one of the most powerful businessmen on the planet. He was dismissed for 30 employments before making his mark and establishing Alibaba the Chinese based web-based business goliath Alibaba – he was in Johannesburg to recount to business people his story.

Some Comments About What JackMa has done

“The wealth of man is in his mind, not in his soul. … We get things backward. We see ourselves as depending on Europeans when the reality is the other way around. They depend on us, and our soils and our people. We have to be backward in order for this situation to be the way it is. Our reality has to be turned backward and we have to live in an almost permanent state of deception”. – YouTube, Blueprint for Black Power DR AMOS WILSON.

Have an idea of your company’s lifespan. Use this method to choose the industry you want to go in because this can eliminate many businesses from the get and save you tons of money, trouble and most importantly time wasted.

Jack Ma is my mentor. A lot of commonalities in terms of beginnings. And I liked this and I quote“ the future has no expert “. How inspiring can he get? Mentors who are too educated are actually uneducated. Emerging, hidden realities about how to do business in a world struggling from the chaos of too much information. Jack Ma you are brand of your own.

Colonialism knows no color. Let China not take your assets and Owe no money u can not payback. Seems I read they already took over assets of one AFRICAN country. The devil still comes as a bright shining light. Help always comes with a price. I respect Ma but history has proven there is always a back door plan

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